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Assignment 2

Melissa Ford

Meet Melissa Ford, my model for Dark Shadowz


Assignment #1 – Before the transformation

Senario: [Melissa is having a memory] I was 26, it was my wedding day. I was leaving the ceremony to go to the reception when a odd man approched me. I studied him but could not for the life of me figure out what made him so unique. Suddenly, he took me from the church site to deep inside the neibouring woods. A part of me was attracted to his empty soul and his plee to see my right arm. I do not know why I listened to this plee, but I willingly showed it to him. In a split second, his fangs appeared and bit into me. The burning substance rushed through my viens absorbing the life out of my soul. My future flashed in my eyes and then it was gone, like reality. My family betrayed and my husband lost. All my dreams vanquished. If I could return human again, I would but it is at much to high a cost. Somedays, I cannot reconize myself in this pale skin and these empty eyes. It hurts me but then again, I do not feel true pain and agony. It has been 5 years since my transformation and everyday, I still wake with hopelessness and selfishness to return to those I love. Other days, I’m filled with the anger to return to the one that removed my life but like with my love, a wall holds me back. If in a hundred years you are reading this, tell yourself to never fall in the trap of a stranger with a seductive smile.

Carmela Volt

Meet Carmela Volt, my model for Mystical

Assignment #1 – Previous Life

LE’s School Of Editing

HereĀ I will post all my entries for LE’s School Of Editing

Assignment #1 – Family Picnic

Assignment 2: Miniature Model

Pixie Tea

Meet Pixie Tea, my model for True Colors


Assignment #1 – Hobby


Summer Twist

Meet Summer Twist, my model for Pink

Assignment #1 – Blazer,Coat & Jacket Advertisement; I used a jacket

Assignment #2 – High Fashion Make-up


Heidi De Ruijter

Meet Heidi De Ruijter, my model for Mission for Models

Assignment #1 – Exotic Picture